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IRPC Global Forum

Dr. Thomas Koilparampil

Chief International Co-ordinator: Dr. Thomas Koilparampil MD, DMRT, DIM, DPR
T. C. 13/1606(1),
Burma Road, Medical College P.O.,
Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA. Pin – 695011
Telephone: +91 98470 65370
E-mail : thomaskoilparampil@gmail.com



 Global Scientists Forum is a functional multi-specialty scientific body in science and medicine constituted by eminent scientists, doctors, scholars, academicians and researchers of international repute and having outstanding achievements. This global unity will provide a unique forum for interaction, mutual assistance and collaboration for implementing research projects and developmental activities with a view to foster cooperation among the scientists in the world. Thus an easy transfer of knowledge and resources is possible, which can be used for the benefit of the scientists themselves and for the humanity as a whole irrespective of existing inequalities in wealth as well as knowledge and by crossing geographical boundaries.

IRPC identified the need to develop a network of eminent doctors, scientists, researchers and scholars internationally. A researcher or an institution may be lacking one important facility or research material, which may be abundance in another institution or with another researcher. The researchers can upload their curriculum vitae, areas of research interest, research requirements, research activities intended to pursue in future, details of the facilities available in their parent institutions etc. under the global scientists forum and register their names.

IRPC welcomes the members of the global scientists forum to communicate with each other and to discuss the research programs and requirements. Priority is given to the following areas:

  1. Collaborative research projects.
  2. Technology-transfer programs.
  3. Continuing education programs.
  4. Inviting experts for delivering speeches in conferences, workshops etc..
  5. Visiting academic and research institutions.
  6. Seeking funding assistance for research purpose.
  7. Arranging research placements and observer-ship programs.
  8. Organizing sabbatical occasions usefully.
  9. Medical consultation and video conferencing by the members.
  10. Organizing social gatherings and get-togethers.
  11. Combining research and recreation for better living.

IRPC greatly appreciates the members to encourage their colleagues and friends to become part of this network and expand the global scientists forum for the benefit of the humanity.

Chapter Highlights

  • Australian Chapter:- Dr Pam McGrath and her team, International Program of Psycho-Social Health Research (IPP-SHR), have worked closely with IRPC on a range of research projects.
  • Australian Chapter:- Hamish Holewa, IPP-SHR has contributed to the development of IRPC's journal, the Austral-Asian Journal of Cancer, a HERDC recognised, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary cancer journal.

Latest News

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  • New Room provides an interactive forum for all the scientists and researchers to convey important information and news.


Prof. Hiroaki Honda


Dr. Yoichiro Yamamoto –an eminent scientist and an expert in the field ofmedicineand computer science/mathematics especially including Artificial Intelligence (AI) is presently working as a unit leader of Pathology Informatics Unit at RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project in Japan.

Dr Guillaume Moulis, MD, PhD


Dr Guillaume Moulis, MD, PhD is currently Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine at Toulouse University Hospital, France. He is also researcher in Pharmacoepidemiology at UMR 1027 Inserm-University of Toulouse and at the 1436 clinical investigation center, Toulouse, France. He is born on 23rd September 1983 in Toulouse, France.